Our Team

Katiya Boudette


Katiya Boudette is a part of the Strengthening Early Education through Data-coaching (SEED) Program as a Data Coach. She joined the team in November 2023 to guide a coalition of local education agencies (LEAs) in elevating their early childhood programs through evidence-based, data-driven approaches. 

Prior to joining the SEED team, Katiya served as the Teacher Development Officer of Early Childhood Literacy for the BakerRipley Community Schools district. In this role, she designed and presented professional development, created and adjusted curriculum and assessments to meet district needs, coached teachers, and collaborated with school administration to enhance K-2 literacy instruction. Additionally, Katiya led the rollout and implementation of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) and a Commissioner-approved Kindergarten reading instrument, training teachers and administrators and making data-informed decisions to improve student outcomes for the district. 

Katiya holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Arcadia University and is pursuing a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an additional certification in Developmental Literacy at Texas Tech University. She also completed Rice University’s Classroom Storytelling professional development program. Katiya likes to spend time with friends and family, especially her sisters and her niece and nephews. She enjoys doing puzzles, reading, and road trips with good music in her spare time.